Welcome to AsianCooking101!

Hi Everyone! WELCOME to Asiancooking101. My name is Diane Fredericks I’m the administrator and cooking coach  behind Asiancooking101 and KusinangPinoy and living in Mississippi, United States.  I have a bachelor’s degree in Information and Technology and working as Online Technical Support Assistant in a Christian University. I was born and raised in Cavite, Philippines. A place of all braves came from and where the revolutionary begins . Cavite is named as the Historical Capital of the Philippines  and the birthplace of Philippine Independence.


On December 2012, I marry my wonderful husband, my best friend and my food buddy. On 2016 we welcomed our first child, our little bundle of joy and  her name is Jeanelle and she completed us as a family. Like her mom and dad we can see a potential that she will be are food buddy too, in the future.We love eating good food and that’s how all it started.

 AsianCooking 101 blog is created as a hobby and bonding time for me and my husband that we both enjoy doing. Our goal is to give joy to everyone’s belly, by sharing my family’s recipe and some recipe I’ve learned and gathered around Asia . But most important thing is for you guys to learn and taste Filipino Food. Which I am so proud and trilled to introduce our Filipino cuisine to the world.

Happy Cooking everyone!


Let us know if you have any suggestions or request and we will try to work it out for you.